Monday, January 7, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

 This was my baby girls first Thanksgiving Party at school and all the parents were able to come and celebrate with them. We had so much fun! Her aunt specially made her a Thanksgiving outfit for this special occasion.

 They did a fun craft making a turkey with thier handprint on a canvas. It turned out sooo cute!

 This cute turkey hat was sitting at her seat when we came in.

 Cheese, turkey and ham bites were for lunch with a biscuit. For dessert they had applesauce and cookies. YUM!!!

                                                 Me and my beautiful lil lady :)

      Class pic with thier turkey hats. They were being so silly!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yum! Brain Cupcakes

Our little lady LOVES to watch How to videos! So much that we have an app on mine and my husbands phone where she can and does watch several different "how to" baking videos. She will spend hours watching them if you let her. I don't where she picked up the love of baking from because it surely was not from me! While grocery shopping we saw a spooky brain cupcake kit and of course Belle wanted it. She asked and asked the whole way home if we could make it as soon as we got home and so we did. My husband had the bright idea of making her own how to video and of course her eyes lit up right away. She's only 4 so I had to jump in here and there and feed her some of her lines but overall, for our first "how to" I think she did pretty darn good :) I think we have a chef in the making. Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy the spookiness!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not the baby anymore :(

Sitting here reminiscing today! Where has the time gone?! I remember this day like yesterday. She had to have her purse and high heels even in the rain. She's my lil priss. I don't know where the time went but now my baby girl is going to be a big sis and not the baby anymore :( She's had a long time by herself though sucking up all the attention. She kisses my belly every night before bed  and when I pick her up from school she tells me how much she missed her little sister and they haven't even met yet :) She was such an easy baby. I never had any trouble with her. Of course being a new mommy I was tired and cried on occasion but when I look back and even now she has always been a good little girl and I was just being overdramatic.She woke up one day and started walking on her own and weening her off the bottle was a piece of cake. Once morning I introduced Mr. Sippy cup to her and that was the end of it. She never asked for a bottle again! Potty training was really the only thing that took a little longer for her to figure out but since that accomplishment shes only had 2 accidents in her bed (my fault because I put her to bed without going to the potty first...oops!) I know now to try and not sweat the small stuff and enjoy those sleepless nights because it sure does fly by. She has taught me how to be a better mommy and she will always be mommies firstborn precious angel.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

DIY Craft table

 Well about a month ago my mom called and said she had found a child's table on the side of the road. She knows I love free stuff and I loooove to redo furniture so she brought it to me. Ive been meaning to find myself an old table and do the same for me but I dont want to buy one and Ive had no luck yet getting a free one on the side of the road :/ Haven't really been looking though ;) I was in such a hurry to slap some paint on this that I forgot to get before pics. It started out as an ordinary brown table. The top is particle board and the legs are pure wood. With a little bit of sanding to roughen up the surface and some white paint this is what it turned out to look like.

I added a paper roll to the side for her art projects using a .97 cent curtain rod from walmart.
This lovely owl stencil was cut out using my Silhouette Cameo :) I love how it turned out. This will be for both of my girls to use for many wonderful crafts to come. Isabelle was so excited and is a very happy lil lady!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My favorite things

First day of Pre-k

 Today was my big girls first day of Pre-k! From the moment I woke her up to the last shoe that I put on her sweet little foot, tears were running down my face. She asked my why I was crying and I said because I didn't want her to grow up. To add on to my heartbreak and tears, she said to me in the sweetest little voice, "Don't worry mom because God will protect me right!?" At that point I knew I had to bring myself to stop crying because she knew she was going to be okay and I didn't want to frighten her. I tried to keep her all to myself these past four years and I've had so much fun watching her grow and learn new things. I know this will be good for her and be on the right track for kindergarten. She's just too independent at 4 yrs old and it breaks my heart. I know mommies all around the world go through the same thing and that brings me a little bit of comfort to know I'm not alone :) This is just the beginning of many happy and proud heartbreaks for me but precious milestones for her. I refuse to let her get married!!! ;) I love you my sweet sweet sugar booger!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Boy Oh Boy I'm glad Im havin another girl

Spent the evening with my little nephew today and let me just say...boys and girls are like night and day! He wore me out! I guess I'm just not use to it. He has soooo much energy I wish I could borrow some. He yelled, he made loud monster sounds, wanted up, wanted down, wiggled and twisted and turned. He was so sweaty and sticky. He picked his nose and whatever he had in his hand automatically became a weapon. He swatted and grunted and wanted to push every button he could find! PHEWW!!!! I'm worn out just on this recap ;0 Dont get me wrong, I love him to pieces and kissed him every second that I could actually get a hold of him but MAN, I am not cut out for that.LOL! I'm use to my little princess. She's dramatic but gentle. She's sassy but sweet and she nurtures all her little baby dolls just like a real momma would. I love to dress her up and play with her hair and paint her nails and teach her how to be crafty. She lets me hold her and sing to her and she grabs my face and tells me that I'm "the best mom EVER!" poor princess gets beat up by all her little boy cousins especially Noah. He will not hesitate to slap her silly if she gets in his way. He's only 1yr so she understands he doesn't quite know what he's doing. I do want a boy  eventually to carry on the last name but boy oh boy right now, I'm glad I'm having a girl. Now I know I'm asking for it because this little girl may turn out to be a rough little tomboy who also picks her nose and grunts like a monster and if that happens I will be okay. I am happy with whatever God gives me but its just amazing, the huge difference between little fellows and little ladies. Its funny because when Belle was little I never had to put anything away that I had on the coffee table because she just wouldnt touch it. No was No and she knew what the consequences were if she did. When I know Noah is on his way we all quickly run around the house frantically hiding EVERYTHING that is at his eye level and within his reach. If its there, he will grab it,smash it, rip it up, chew it and spit it out. It's exhausting! It's a relief to be able to spend time with my little booger and then send him on his way and return all my stuff to its proper place. *SIGH* I love him to the moon and back. He makes me laugh hysterically and I get to experience all the things that little boys do so much differently than little girls. He's my crazy little baby hulk and I  enjoy every minute that I have with him. Despite all the amazing craziness, I wouldnt change it for the world!!!